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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sametime 7.5

I installed Sametime 7.5 and have been messing around with it. Appears to be somewhat of a sporadic memory hog....anyone else seen this?

That isn't the biggest problem though. I went to go add some contacts within our company and had a hell of a time doing so.

You can reproduce the issue by going to....


Click on Browse For Name then try doing a search with ONLY A FEW LETTERS OF THE PERSONS LAST NAME in the field Find Names Starting With....

What happens....absolutely nothing....I just even tried searching for someone by using their complete last name and it didn't find them.

So I take a stroll over to my domino admin and she tells me "yeah, it is a known issue".

huh? Didn't IBM just roll this out? How can you roll out an instant messaging system and not even be able to add contacts....

someone PLEASE tell me that this is not true.....did our Domino Admin not set something up correctly?

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Back to 7.0.2

While Notes 8 looked good and all, there were just a few too many issues with it for me to continue to run it any longer.

I've decided to go back to 7.0.2 for now and wait until later on to install Notes 8.

A couple of issues I ran across were....

1. If you slide your RSS window over to the left, then move it back over to the right, it messed up the formatting of emails within my preview pane. I had my inbox to the left, reading pane to the right, and RSS shortcuts all the way over to the right. I'd have to click on another email in my inbox then go back to it in order to get the formatting correct....not a big deal but an inconvenience none the less.

2. I like to read my emails in the preview pane and Notes 8 would only mark my emails as "read" if I double-clicked on them. I had it checked to "mark as read when reading in the preview pane" but it would never do it....

The whole "read/unread" marks thing has always been a pain for some. Sometimes my unread marks are all good - then other times I have to mark them all as read.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

great timing

So you are working along....have a couple tabs open....composing emails here and there.....gathering data...using all the "robustness" that is Lotus Notes....and you get the error above.

God forbid you have more then one or two tabs open without Lotus Notes having to shit all over itself. So the end user ends up losing HOURS worth of work only to recompile all of his emails again.

I told him not to tax the system by having more then one or two tabs open and to fire off his emails as soon as has them compiled.

Needless to say he had a couple choice words for Lotus Notes - all of which I have heard multiple times over.

DO NOT TRY AND MULTI-TASK WITHIN LOTUS NOTES. You will only end up causing yourself more work in the long run.

3,000 pissed off employees every day have to use Lotus Notes here at work......what did we do to deserve this punishment?

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grammar check on aisle 2

Does everyone have the "ebonics" template by default in Notes? If you have a meeting invite in your inbox and you read it in your preview pane, you are then treated to the broken english version above.

Just another example of all the great QA testing that goes into this product.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

If You Hate Lotus Notes.....

then this is the place to let it be known. I've had to support this pile of shit known as Lotus Notes for the past 6 years for a bank out in New York.

End users are pissed.....tech support is pissed.....the only people who seem to love Notes are the weirdo's who have to code this crap and the people that work for IBM.

Anytime you bring up the competition, Microsoft, the Lotus Notes kool-aid developers at work like to talk about "microsoft has viruses...blah blah blah".

I always ask if they realize that it is 2007 and it would be nice if my out of office agent would turn on everytime (half the time it gets stuck or doesn't turn on at all), if NTASKLDR would refrain from using up 99% of my CPU, and if someone other then Ray Charles can improve the GUI.

The talk about Lotus Hannover and all the great things it is going to bring......we are apparently on the "beta" program and I installed Notes 8 and the only thing that changed were the icons on the left hand shortcut bar......why didn't the actual GUI change?

because my mail file template, person document, blah blah blah hadn't been updated on the server. You literally have to update all this shit on the backside to get it to work. What ever happened to installing a new version of software and the changes happen automatically and not having to contact your damn domino admin (who is clueless as it is) to update your docs on the server.

Stay tuned.....i'll be providing comical error screenshots (for those familiar with "object variable not set") and posting my dealings with end-users......this should be interesting.

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